18 Uses for Coconut Oil OTHER THAN on Natural Hair

If you’ve been around anyone in the natural hair community for any amount of time, you are most likely familiar with coconut oil and it’s use on natural hair. Many in the community swear by its sealing powers and frizz-busting properties.

You may be surprised to find that organic coconut oil has hundreds of uses. When coconut oil is left in its organic state, it has antibacterial, antiviral and disinfectant properties. This makes it the perfect all-purpose item to keep on hand for the entire family to use.

So, if you’re not the biggest fan of coconut oil for its use on natural hair, rest assured that you can put those big tubs to use in other ways around your home.

Explore 19 uses for coconut oil that don’t include hair care.

1. Use it as a lotion…

Use it on small children with sensitive skin as a skin moisturizer. Its oil, so you don’t need much to get the job done. It leaves skin super soft and smooth. Whoever uses it will smell sweet to boot.

2. Use it topically on cuts or burns…

I swear this works wonders at helping injuries heal faster. I use it on my kids all the time; and it smells so much better than those smelly ointments. (Here’s some science behind it.)

3. Use it to fight yeast…

Ladies, use it topically on your vajayjay to kill the yeast if you have a yeast infection. When taken regularly by mouth as a daily supplement, it can help fight candida all together. (I haven’t used this one personally but there are women out there who swear by it.)

4. Use it in your coffee…

Emulsify it with a few other ingredients to make a non-dairy super delicious coffee creamer alternative.

5. Use it as a body scrub…

Use it in the shower with equal parts sugar for a luxurious body scrub. It’s easy to make, and it’s perfect for when you’ve had a particularly long day with the kiddies.

6. Use it to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy…

Apply it topically and over time those stretch marks will begin to fade.

7. Use it as lip balm…

The whole family can use it on lips as an all natural chap stick. I love doing this. My kids think it’s absolutely delicious. (Which kind of defeats the purpose, but at least it’s safe, and even beneficial, for them to ingest.)

Bonus for the ladies: The coconut oil will give your lips a nice little sheen.

Image source: NourishingMinimalism.com has a great recipe.

8. Use coconut oil when cooking pasta…

Use about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your water when cooking rice or any sort of pasta. It’s so much healthier than using butter or oil and it gives your rice a light “coconutty” taste.

9. Use it as a daily supplement…

Coconut oil contains the same health promoting medium chain fatty acids that are found in a mother’s breast milk! Crazy right? Those awesome medium chain fatty acids (or MCFA’s for short) provide energy, nourishment, they help with digestion, and they provide protection from infectious illnesses. It’s truly a super food!

Take up to 3 tablespoons a day to gain all of the benefits. (You’ve got to work up to the 3 tablespoons though because oil can make your stools loose. Gross.)

10. Use it daily when cooking or baking…

If taking coconut oil orally is a bit much for you, incorporate it into your regular cooking and baking. It has a high smoke point, so when cooking meals that require high heat, it’s a fantastic alternative.

11. Take it into the bedroom to use as a tropical massage oil. Ooh la la.

12. Use it to cure athlete’s foot…

Tell your guy to rub it on his feet to fight athlete’s foot or toe fungus.

13. Use it to clear up acne…

Coconut oil has been known to clear up mild acne if used regularly.

14. Use it to shave…

Both you and your spouse can use coconut oil as a natural shaving cream and as an after shave lotion. You’ll both smell delicious and be butter soft and smooth.

Image source: Brit.co

15. Use it to reduce the itch and irritation of bug bites.

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  • Tamara
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    Hi my baby is 28 months old and has 3c hair and high porosity hair I use a lot of olive oil with water and I’ve used many different products but they are all ok till i find they are not doing the right job please can you recommend any good products thanks

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