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Super Fluffy
4B hair patterns can range from teeny-tiny coils to a unique “z” shape when stretched. The hair will have bends and sharp angles and a cotton-like feel. It also tends to either hold moisture well or require more regular deep conditioning to maintain moisture levels. Needless to say, 4B hair is the most diverse on the spectrum!
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4B Hair Unique?
As mentioned before, the 4B hair type is very diverse. 4B is SO diverse, in fact, that if your little one has the hair type, you can almost guarantee that they have some other hair type on their head as well.
My baby – the inspiration for this site – has an exquisite mix of both 4B and 4C hair. Finding products can be a challenge, but we figure it out. 4B can experience shrinkage of up to 70%; but remember, hair shrinkage is usually an indicator of hair health. Unsure of your Afro Baby's Hair Type?
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Slide 4B Product Options for Afro Babies Determining your 4B Afro Baby’s porosity levels will help guide you in choosing the right products. Low porosity 4B’s will do well and benefit from homemade deep conditioners and hot oil treatments utilizing oils like jojoba and coconut. Be sure to apply deep conditioning treatments to soaking wet hair for maximum hydration capabilities. Due to the diversity of 4B hair, finding the right product combinations will ultimately boil down to trial and error. This hair type requires washing no more than once every few weeks and a clarifying treatment will most-likely need to be completed monthly. 4b product 1 EDEN BodyWorks Coco Shea Berry Detangling Shampoo Moisturizes and softens, easily detangles, and does not dry or strip hair. 4b product 4 Devacurl Buildup Buster Hair Cleanser This powerful cleanser uses micellar technology to gently remove buildup from the hair and scalp without stripping essential moisture ORS Olive Oil Girls Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Cleanses and detangles hair and helps to lock in moisture and add shine Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Leave-In Conditioner Nutritive hair care regimen that strengthens and moisturizes the hair while remaining gentle enough for daily use. 4b product 3 Taliah Waajid Taliah Waajid for Children Soft & Curly For Natural Hair A light, moisture-filled, alcohol-free, styling jelly that makes beautiful curls appear before your eyes 4b product 6 Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner Provides effortless combing and minimizes damage using irish moss and conditioning polymers

Slide Best tip... The most important thing you can do when it comes to your little one's natural hair routine is understand their unique curl pattern. Knowing this will help you with both product and tool selection. Must-have Tools for Your Afro Baby Croc Clips Double Sided Edge Control Hair Brush Glide Thru Detangling Brush Useful Links 4 Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes Top 10 Natural Hair Products for Kids Wash Day Routine for Kids with Natural Hair